Assesment (D)



This is the final work for unit 2 pre-production assessment 4 and while was working on these unit I have enjoyed all the works I have been given and set moreover I get to know my team members very well as well as other students.

For my magazine feature I am doing pretty well but haven’t finished yet need to do some part bits and bubs, at the moment I am doing magazine cover therefore I have included pictures of my team member and I had to put the picture the one I took so then teacher can assets each individually students abilities therefore and had to ensure to use the photo I had taken.

Well I found working on Photoshop much more easier then working in final cut because I have used quite a few time Photoshop and used for my advert in yr 11 but I had never used final cut it was the first time and I was struggling as well I found it very hard for me so asked help of my team members. But in the other hand I think that final cut is fun to work with because you are actually making videos and adding music and get to make and learn how to make videos but very hard to use it and kept on confusing myself up and also everyone put a equal amount of effort on final cut .

I think I spend about about 2 or 3 hours to research for my print features and before I start my print task I made few drafts of magazine just to make sure it’s ok and to get few ideas what to add on magazines so I have added lots of pictures of ourselves I wanted to see different types of cover e.g. headlines, slogans, texts etc I have also used barcodes to make sure it looks like a real magazine instead of Draft.

I think I need more developing work on practical skills because I kept on forgetting their tools other than that I was comfortable to work it I enjoyed every minute of this unit and I am looking forward to work on other unit as well.

Overall I have enjoyed this project a lot and getting to know all the words and have started using them as well I have learned a lot in media how things work and etc I am glad I choose this subject because I get to discover new things as well. I am not very creative person and have been influence by this lesson which is a very good thing because in media we do lot of creative works. I worked very accurately being focused in lessons and listening to each other’s ideas, giving ideas as well as gaining from others too. Also, I usually meet my deadlines because media is the one of my main subject at the moment so I give my 100% focus. Moreover, we mainly used SLR camera for this project, my understanding to it was quite clear because all the instructions were given in the lesson which helped everyone a lot.

My editing skills have been improved because I added a lot of effective texts the other things was I learn how to download font and add it to the font so we had to do the same things for our project I think it was nice idea because mostly font are just normal and need to choose which would take a long time to decide so it was a good idea , then we found the perfect font in that website we wanted something really big bold and we decided to do defused font that fitted on our title but before that we had to choose and decide all in group .

All the way through my work I was told to save my work in every 5 minutes because computer might get froze and might lost all the work or other and it’s a benefit to us and its very important to save work and keep it organized all the time.


Going through to this unit I think my strongest skill was filming part because it was very useful plus I also get to learn and I will be ready to use in the future.

I think I need more developing work on practical skills because I kept on forgetting the tools other than that I was comfortable to work with and this way also I will be learning a lot about equipments.I enjoyed every minute of this unit and I am looking forward to work on other unit as well.

Assesment (C)

I think that the Filming and editing we’ve done went really well and we are happy so far, and we also finished all the editings in 1 week lesson everyone got involved in differnt parts of roles for editing such as sound technique music and creating and making lots of idea’s as a group for our trailer’s which we enjoyed working howevere i wasn’t that comfortable with the editing part.

After the filming, we had to take pictures for my trailer and we had to take same shots quite a lot of times this is because one of them might be not very focused or the lighting might not be that good.

 In editing I contribute towards organising the adding the text ‘size, colour, Style  Voice cover moreover directing my crew what to do.I also gave few ideas on music different songs for different scenes .

I personally, find the editing quite difficult because we have to work on lots of differnt things to improve.

as a team we worked very hard to do our best and yes, our team did improve its effectiveness as working as a team as the project progressed by whenever we had a problem, we always try to find a solution by listening to each others ideas and helping or if we get really stcuk we ask for Teacher’s help.

I’ve learnt that working in a group is very important because we will find different ideasi can defitenly I can use this experience for my next project because now I can be more confident with equiptment and sofwares.

Assesment (B)


The project we been working till now is going really well because we are gaining lots of useful l idea’s as well as we practising and experiencing new things each day we also had to use white balance when filming moreover and we been working with the camera tripod and SLR Camera its very exciting too because we been filming the youth trailers and editing the film. We all three of us work well as a group , at the beginning when we were planning about filming we were so excited and looking forward to work and now we’ve finished all and started to Edits our films.

In this project we have decided to work on the job roles, so I did the costumes and props to make sure that I bring all the props and customs for the trailer and other member of my group they worked on sound techniques lightning locations scout but we all have to work on Producer to organise or decide the films what types genre, Camera operator, Editor, Cast’s Director the person with the vision direct camera editing slage and Photography. In terms of planning production contribute on Health and safety assessments for the outdoor also all three of us drew scene for story board and the ideas for the text I named the “Wanna be”.

As a team we are working very well and enjoying ourselves we enjoyed most when we filmed each other we been listening each other idea’s and helping out the groups. I think my team members find’s I’m friendly to work with and really communicating helping and directing them what to do. Moreover my group is helpful.

So far The Quality of the distance is descent because we’ve been using tripod for the cameras which refers that it’s a very good quality of shots.

To be honest Michael is leading us in a group because he has very good confidence he knows what’s he‘s doing and his roles is sound teach which is very technical job to do and lightning and he has more knowledge than us he helps us a lot he is also friendly and kind to work with.

I don’t think there were any factors that could cause our groups.

When it comes to technical aspects my confidence is ok but when it comes to create I am very creative.

Co-operation Listening and more communicating is the main three key targets for my group to progress well and to success further more.

Assesment (A)

I am working with micheal and ryan they been partcipating in every task with me and we have to work on differnt roles of task to be able to work together, therefore togher as a one group we all have to produce individual work as well as group works. we enjoy working together and helping each other and its important that we all get well  together so we can share every idea’s which we do.

So far, we been working on “Research Task” and we had to work on the three main topic “Analysis” “Audience” and “Institutional”

On the Analysis task we worked on “Youth drama trailer” and the “Print task” which we had to Decide which trailer we doing and as a group and analysis the television of youth drama trailer sequences such as the camera angle of the drama how it’s used ,sound does it have a Diegetic natural or Non Diegetic unnatural. Camer shoots we had to manage to work on the mid shot long shot and so on. Lighting objects will be lit brightly high key or low key which create the particular shoot. Camera movements we had to work on the pan title zoom tracking and main important thing the text and we had to put text together when looking at moving image editing.

On the Print Task task, we had to choose whether to work on advert , magazine cover, interview or review and we had to analysis a print product that matches what you are going to make and explore the objects. I choose to do the magazine cover and the other two did the interview and advert and first of all we had to work on the target before we actually analysis the print task so i choose the magazine and analysis who the target audience and the interest other products Age range of group the color of the magazine the headline title significant colour i had  to write all this in details. then after this i did the Print task analysis which i again had to do all the conation donnation and the main purpose and so on.

The connation is the tone or the emotional that association that a word has for example:

Dream - positive
Nightmare -negative

The denotation is the other meaning of connation so its ideas object that a sign refers to.

The Institutional we had to work on own and do all the channel power point about the history Broadcast and so on and the channel we been working on E4.

From the three of this task, I think analysis and audience is the primary institution is the secondary we had to work on Questionaire for audience together as a group other then that we had to work individual we had to do on our won but we helped our group though.

The purposes of the Research is to gain more knowledge and idea’s it was very useful because gave us lots of idea’s.

The positive about working together was getting different ideas. i think we worked pretty well because all of us contribute in every task.

i have supported my group by giving them idea’s working and helping.

so far we are happy on our group and we can’t wait to film the actual drama trailer.

we had a few problems on our groups at first because we weren’t sure what to work on like genre other then that we getting well and understand each other.

Print Analysis

Print Analysis is print product that matches what you are going to make explore the objects .

On our group we had given  each person different task which was to produce the magazines cover ,Advert, Review or Interview for our print task and we as a group decided to choose  one of these categories and i choose too analyses the magazine cover of  “The Inbetweeners “  and two of my group members chooses to do Interview and advert.

On my Magazine cover i had to analyses the layout the title position at the top why its there and whats the reason for it. i also include the Headline and explained why its important to be their on magazines. Moreover i analyses the camera shots and camera Angel which is the  main important thing to analysis on Magazines cover because its important to have a facial expression so the audience will know what’s going on.

There was a significant colour as well and it was white which helps audience to focus such as they immediately ignore the other things happening on the background of the magazines and concentrate on the main point.

Ii found this research very useful because it helped by giving knowledge more faster and can produce my work on time :D

And after this i had to do another print analysis on the sheet


Trailer : (The Inbetweener) …Analyse


I choose The “inbetweener” trailer to analyse which is base on “Comedy” film and we also going to do our oth drama base in comedy aswell and i had to analyse on the settings, characters, props, colour, lighting, camera, sound, editing,and written codes.

I found it really easy when i did my anayse because it helped me understand in more briefly and also really helped me by giving lots of different idea’s and i reckon without no planning it’s hard to work out, so i stronly agree to plan and analyse my work at the beggining.

Research was really useful because it helped me understand and inspire’s so when you work next time you will know what ( Ingredients ) you need :D Moreover i enjoy researching differnt types of Trailer.

Trailer for Youth Drama :)

Before we start actually filming our youth drama we need to analyse some of the trailer’s so we can get idea’s and i choose to analyse The inbetweeners because it’s a comdey plus not fitting in and this is aslo what we wanted to do in our groups so i thought this could give us a idea’s .

So far we have decided to film our drama outside of shades.

we are going to have 4 main character’s in this drama’s

such as one of them going to be carsy,selfcentered,samrt one and posh girl

we will be having 3 boys and 1 girls

we also planned that we’ll be adding different songs in each person .

PLUS we also decided to name channel as E4

we also fix a time and date for this drama

however we still haven’t got the name for this drama :(

Audience Profile

Taylor swift teen Vouge Cover


Gender: Mostly for theYoung teenage girls 12+ and probably for both female nad male.

Eductiom: secondary school primary school

Hobbie’s: Music

Sexuality: All

Nationality:British and american part of asia

job’s : Part time /spare time

Ethnicity: All

Interest:she love getting read ,makep the dress and her favorite thing is to play her Guitar writing lyrics,and waterskiing!

Taylor swift is an American pop Singer as well as Actress, singer.

Taylor swift influence for young teenage 10+ or definitely more older and of course for a girl and Taylor swift is a different girl such as INNOCENT PRETTY has a NATURAL BEAUTY hence the reason she sings more classical songs and the best thing is that it suit’s her.She has talent!! My sister is big fan of her and she is only 10  and she reckons that she has a soft voice and can be heart touching and she usually sing’s about based on true experience during Taylor school day’s when she had a crush on a boy however he didn’t’ accept her because he already had a girlfriend whom he was madly in love with her, AND USED TO TELL Taylor swift about her which made her fell really bad because she also had a felling for him and she could not control.One day During HMV MAGAZINES SHE Revealed this song was written for a boy named Drew :(

Then after 2 years ago this song was debit and they were also broken up!! :) hahahahha!!

Unit 2 Pr-production Media Work

I will be updating my work in here for the Pre-prodcution and base on Youth Drama